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How to find the right Table Lamp for Your Bedroom?

How to find the right Table Lamp for Your Bedroom?

Planning to design your bedroom or give it a makeover? Lamps are one decor piece you can’t go without. This article is here to make your journey easier. Your bedroom is that area of your room where you spend most of your time, and it should truly reflect who you are.

Lighting is quintessential for any room to shine! Good lighting and a well-designed interior can exponentially impact the look and feel of your space. When you plan on designing your bedroom, you need to make sure that you choose the right set of lamps and lights that truly match your room's interior and the level of functionality that your room requires.

Table lamps are a top option while decorating your bedroom as they provide the right ambiance and set the tone of your room while occupying less space. They also act as a great piece of bedroom decor.

When you think of buying table lamps for your bedroom, you must keep the following things in mind so that your room truly stands out -

  1. The space consumed by the lamp
  2. Interior of your Bedroom
  3. Utility of the Lamp
  4. Height of the Lamp
  5. Specifications of the Shade
  6. Material of the lamp
  7. Budget 

Space consumed by the Lamp

While looking out for a table lamp, you need to consider the size of the lamp. To start with, you should start by measuring the width of your side table. Your side table should at least be 2 times the size of your lamp’s base. This would allow you to keep other stuff on your table as well.


If you feel like keeping a small showpiece on the table as well, then you need to keep some extra margin on the table and buy a lamp that is around 1/3rd of the size of the table. 

If you have a large table and the table is typically used for reading and working purposes, you can consider investing in a reading lamp as well.

Interior of your Room

You need to make sure that your lamp blends with the decor of your room. One needs to consider the color shades and overall design of your home. If your home has a modern design primarily, which is sharp and up-to-date, you can consider satin-nickel lampshades that will amplify the look of your home. These lamps blend well easily with modern decor and give your room an edge. These lamps also look great in minimalistic decor setups. 

If your home is designed in a contemporary manner, you may consider buying antique brass lamps for your home. These antique lamps are timeless and stay charismatic for years. These lamps typically come in shades of golden and are made up of wood, glass, and metal. We have added a few of our top picks so that you can pick up the right one for your room.



Utility of the Lamp

If you are investing in a product like a lamp, you should evaluate the needs of your lamp. You should know if it’s for decorative purposes only or needs high functionality as well.

If you only want a lamp for decorative purposes, you can go for lamp that looks the best in your room along with the interior. Most of these lamps also serve for bedside reading.

However if you want a reading table lamp, you can opt for movable study lamps and you should consider the height of the lamp as well. Desk lamps usually come with greater focus and visibility.



Height of the Lamp

If you are buying a lamp for reading, make sure that you buy a lamp that meets the height of your face so that you do not have to strain your body while reading. For this purpose, adjustable lamps work well. 

If you like a lamp that is shorter in height, consider placing a wooden shelf or some sort of support on the table which helps the base of the lamp to rise to your height.

However, if you are buying a lamp only for decorative purposes, height is something that can be adjusted according to the overall look of your room.


Specifications of the Shade

A very important element is the shade of the lamp which you plan on buying for your bedroom. You need to ensure that the width of the shade is not wider than the table itself so that the light does not flow to the sides of the lamp and rather remains focused. 


Ideally, the lampshade must only be 2/3rd of the side of the table to provide the right amount of lighting and focus.

Material of the Lamp

While you consider the interior of your room, you can easily make out what type of lamp would illuminate your room the most. Wooden lamps are suitable and should match with your interiors in case when you have wooden doors and wood based accessories in your room. Metal Lamps are more versatile and match with almost all interiors. You can also go for glass Lamps for a more premium look. 



If you have a lamp in your mind after reading this article, you would like to look at the price range of these lamps. Table lamps typically range between 1500 INR and go up to 5000 INR. You can visit our website and chose price as per your budget in the filter section.



We hope that this article has helped you in selecting the right bedside lamp for your room. In case of any further assistance, feel free to reach out to us in our inquiry section. You can also message us on Instagram.

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